Respecting Your Privacy — A quick message from Peter


I wanted to talk about respecting your privacy. You’ve seen them, and you probably just ignore them now, all 372 million iterations (as of this writing) of that hackneyed claim out there in privacy documents on the internet:

“We   value   your   privacy…”

…but in your head you’re saying to yourself… hogwash!

Well, given the nature of our business—which at its core is about collecting, shaping and privately publishing your personal stories… and which may very well include some of your family’s most intimate details—we here at Legacy Productions, more than value your privacy.

Your stories—and therefore your trust in us—both to tell them well and handle them right… well, they’re our stock in trade.  And so, if you can’t trust us with them, then we’re not going to be around too long.

Therefore our Privacy Policy is not merely perfunctory, but forms a key foundational document underlying our business philosophy.

For a more complete account of our approach to privacy, please follow the link below.

Thank you.

Privacy Policy

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