Your Story Coach


Consider consulting with Peter Sibbald as Your Story Coach. (Peter, on assignment for FORTUNE Magazine in New York.)

Off to work
Peter, on assignment for FORTUNE Magazine in New York,
circa 1995. Photo courtesy of Chris Schrameck

Perhaps you have certain aptitudes and skills already. Maybe you have a new video camera that you wish to push your boundaries with. Or perhaps you want—really, really want—to take on a particular personal history project. With the plethora of wonderful do-it-yourself digital audio, video and web tools now available, not to mention the seemingly infinite video enthusiast blogs and online tutorials, it is awfully tempting, and it very well may be possible. So if you want to try to put it all together, we say go for it, but consider calling Peter in for a consult as Your Story Coach.

From the planning and preparation to evoke great stories, through the vagaries of lighting and shooting good, editable video, and recording clean, accurate sound, to the heavy lifting of post production, Peter can help you navigate this adventure.

We know that if you persist, you will find it to have been a profoundly rewarding experience. But even if you do start down that road, and find yourself overwhelmed with the requirements, we can be there to support you, or carry-on from your hand-off.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on our blog as from time to time we will be posting articles and tips on self-production projects.

Story Coach fees: Billed on an hourly basis at $75 per hour. The first half-hour is free.

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