Video Portrait Packages

Due to the nature of multimedia, the possibilities of what you might commission us to do are potentially unlimited. To help you get started we offer three Video Portrait packages with marked differences in scope, complexity and time requirements. Although all our packages are customizable with Options and Add-ons, Base Packages have been designed to cover most clients needs. Also packages can be combined or be built upon over time. For instance a series of interviews and support images can be cut together into a more career oriented 20 minute Tribute to be shown at a private event or public tribute page, and then later recombined with more in-depth and personal material into a focused 75 minute Biography format intended solely for close family and friends. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and a written quote will be supplied on a per case basis.

Video Portrait Packages: starting at $2,895.


A. The Record:
Getting the Stories

The raw material of a Video Portrait. (Bekah on Rope Swing ©Peter Sibbald, 2004)

Intended as a private legacy, this is a lightly edited video recording of a conversation between a professional conversation guide or interviewer (usually Peter), and either you or a person of your choice, either about you or someone of your choice. The video recording set-ups are simple, nonintimidating and well lit to ensure that solid broadcast quality footage is captured of as many of the subject’s signature stories and key remembrances as is possible during a couple of recording sessions. The Record is essentially the field production phase of a video portrait —The Portrait— minus the labour-intensive weaving in of postproduction filmmaking values. The Record is the raw thread and as such tends to be longer in duration than our other offerings. Nevertheless, it is titled, organized and credited so that it can stand alone or later be spun and woven into a Portrait or Biography.

B. The Portrait:
The Essential Video Portrait

The essential Video Portrait. What people generally expect in a video biography though more story-based captured essence of a person's life rather than a time-line based biography. -Alice Munro

Intended as a private legacy, this is a fully edited mid-length video memoir between a professional conversation guide or interviewer (usually Peter), and either you or a person of your choice, either about you or someone of your choice. The set-ups, which are simple, nonintimidating and well lit, are intended to elicit the subject’s signature stories accumulated over the course of an interesting life to be woven together with visual support materials (eg. photographs) that you supply. More memoir than biography, The Portrait seizes on the familiar essence of the subject, in their own voice, and then weaves it together in post-production with additional images, footage, sound and music to render a portrait their spirit as a finely woven fabric rather than a comprehensive chronology of their life.

C. The Tribute:
Professional Video Presentation

Video Portrait that sets out to be a tribute honouring its subject. ©Peter Sibbald, 2004)

Intended to be sharable in some public way, such as at an event or an online tribute page, The Tribute is a tightly edited showcase of the unique accomplishments of the film’s honoured subject in a short to mid-length energized presentation package that hits the high points of his or her life and/or career while striking a tasteful balance between celebration and entertainment. It is the Video Portrait with built-in praise. Although the balance of personal life to career will vary with each subject, stories are typically chronological, constructed around a central conversation with the subject supported both with brief additional contributions by family, close friends and notable business associates as well as  visual material that you supply to us.

Base Package Details: The Record
Options & Add-ons
Typical Record Clients
Base Package Details: The Portrait
Options & Add-ons
Typical Portrait Clients
Base Package Details: The Tribute
Options & Add-ons
Typical Tribute Clients

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