Voice Portraits Versus Video Portraits?

Voice Portraits Versus Video Portraits: which one is best for you? That is the question.

We offer a choice of both audio recording-based Voice Portrait Packages and video recoding-based Video Portrait Packages. Although they differ in complexity, production time required and hence cost, we do not have a preference between them, but only wish to support you in making the choice that you deem is most appropriate for you. After all, our goal at Legacy Productions is to capture voices, particularly those with a lifetime of stories, experiences, lessons and advice, or any other message that they might want to share. So while we are less concerned about directing clients toward a particular medium, we do care about excellence. Here are a couple of examples:

The Voice Portrait

Voice Portraits Versus Video Portraits? Which one is best for you? Here's a sample of a Voice Portrait: barbara_watts-university-grad-portrait

Barbara talks about her childhood as the eldest daughter of missionaries in Japan.

The Video Portrait

At age 90, Hope, the great-great granddaughter of Scottish settlers on Lake Simcoe tells stories about some of the lessons learned about respect for the Lake while growing up on the original family homestead.
What is a Voice Portrait?
Why a Voice Portrait instead of a Video Portrait?
What is a Video Portrait?
Why a Video Portrait instead of a Voice Portrait?

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